Enrollment in Vallø Diocese

An enrollment will mark a support behind Vallø Diocese’s good causes, and at the same time link those enrolled to the Diocese. It is the intention of the Diocese to allow this affiliation to materialize in various ways, including by invitations to visits and other events at appropriate intervals.

Unmarried women belonging to the Danish nobility can be enrolled in Vallø Diocese, regardless of age.

Women who are or have been married, or women who have given birth to children without being married or who have adopted children, may not be enrolled.

At the age of 18, the registered Valløbåndet is awarded with the Vallø sign. Ribbons and signs remain the property of Vallø Diocese.

Enrolled women who have received the Vallø ribbon and the Vallø sign are called diocesan ladies.

Ribbons and signs can be worn on special, festive occasions or official events.

Ribbons and signs must be returned to Vallø Diocese immediately after marriage, at the birth of diocesan ladies by children without being married or at their adoption of children and by the estate of a diocesan lady.

If you want to register or just find out more about registration in Vallø Diocese, please write to Vallø Diocese, Slotsgade 3, Vallø, 4600 Køge or send an email to

See also Vallø Diocese’s website

Her Majesty the Queen, patron of Vallø Diocese, holds an audience for the new diocesan ladies.