For the betterment of the Danish nobility

The Danish Noble Association is open to any person belonging to the Danish nobility and functions as a meeting point for the nobility. Every third year we prepare a new version of Denmark’s Nobility’s yearbook and this to our members.

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Danish Nobility Association

The Danish Nobility Association is a gathering point for members of the Danish nobility. The association’s most important activity is to publish the Danish Nobility Yearbook, but the association also seeks in other ways to support initiatives that can illuminate the nobility from a cultural and historical point of view.

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Is the association for young members of the Danish Nobility Association. If you are a member of the Danish Nobility Association, and you are in the age group 18-35 years, you are also a member of Nobilitas.

Nobilitas’ purpose is to be a gathering place for young members of the Danish nobility. Although Nobilitas also contains space for cultural and general educational experiences, Nobilitas’ aim is first and foremost to provide the framework for a social community between young nobles. Nobilitas strives to be an inclusive association that embraces as broadly as possible within the overall framework that the Danish Nobility Association sets out. We therefore hope that everyone will feel welcome in Nobilitas, and we look forward to meeting those of you whom we have not yet greeted.

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The association in the media

As an association and representative of the Danish nobility, the association does at times appear in the media to spotlight the nobility in
a nuanced and proper way. The association seeks to do this from both a cultural as well as historical point of view.

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10. februar 2022 | Nyheder

Generalforsamling i Dansk Adels Forening 2022

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